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Twilight Fan Fictions
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Twilight Related Fan Fictions

Welcome to twilight_storie!
This is mostly a community for those who want people to see their own fanfictions on twilight. Share and read other fan fictions made by twilight fans.


- This community is under moderated posting. -

01. No bashing of the Twilight Saga & Stephenie Mayer. It will be tolerated, and posts will be deleted on the spot. Why be here is you hate Twilight?
02. Posts here must be Twilight related. Off topic posts will be rejected.
03. Respect the opinions of others. No bashing of other members, Stephenie Meyer, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and any other actors will be tolerated. There will also be no bashing of anyone else's personal casting choices. NO BASHING OVERALL!
05.Tag posts with fan fictions for fan fictions and gossip for gossip!
06. ALL fanworks that are not tagged will be rejected. Make sure thay are tagged with either fan fiction, graphic, or video
07. When posting a fanfic you must use the following format OR a clear variation of it with proper warnings (rating is a must):

You can link to any chapter, but if it is an update, post only the current updated chapter!
08. Don't link to locked posts outside of this community or disable comments to your entries. Likewise, do not post links to locked posts in this community (or the info in them) outside of the comm.
09. Do not make a post promoting a community/site/etc. or one selling items. One exception is if your fan fiction or graphics can be found on another website not located in livejournal.