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18 June 2009 @ 06:13 pm
Update A New Enemy  
**Sorry for the VERY LONG wait!!!**


Title: A New Enemy
Author: purebloodydeath
Characters/Pairing: Regular pairings
Spoilers: For readers who haven't read New Moon & possible up to Eclipse

It's a new year and the James incident has passed, everyone is in their junior year. Bella has been in school for about a week when new trouble brews up.

The Cullens are needed in Alaska.

As another goodbye is made, Bella is alone. Within a few weeks, new students come and take over the Cullens table, all of them beautiful and pale as vampires. Bella noticed it, but was blinded for her worry about the Cullens.

What she doesn't know is that as months pass, she is in more and more danger everyday. With the Cullens gone, no one is unsure what will happen to her when the "new students" come...
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Twilight and/or any of Stephenie Meyers works.

Read Chapter 16 here


From the Beginning